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Julie Days Inspiration For Her New Song "My Words"


Julie Drew from her 1st hand experience living at The Rose Womens Shelter. "It is a Place that is Gods house. The women and children who come and live at the shelter while they are working their way through homelessness are brought to The Rose for a purpose only the Lord knows", Julie  states.  She can attest from personal experience that The Rose is a place that changes the hearts and minds of all who have come to live there.  The women and children that stay there become family and are strengthened by there faith in God and the Lords Teachings.    "it is truelly a unique experience and a cause worth supporting, that is why Tdawn and I composed "My Words".  You can find out more about The Rose and The Womens ministries at Redwood Gospel Mission here:



T Dawn aka Traces of Dawn New Video Release.


On February 16th T Dawn, Host of The Beyond The Dawn Radio Show, Released a Totally New Video For Her Mainstay Song "Upside Down Helter Skelter".  She describes the video as a sort of Wild Insane Video with a Powerful Message.  The footage of the shoot totally coincides with the lyrical madness that the song paints. The Scenes Remind one of a cross between a Mental Ward like the one in "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" and Pictures of Chernobyl.  The video coincidentally was  released the same Day of the all new 2-16-15 Skycast In which we featured the aforementioned song.   Its No Surprise that it's in the leading position of the Skycast Top Videos on our homepage.  T Dawn says she has a whole lot more in store for her fans and listeners of her Music and Radio Show, so stay tuned.  Click on Her picture to find out more.

Lonna Maries New EP "The Worst Has Just Begun"Now available on itunes.


We have had the good fortune to Link up with  Lonna Marie on SoundCloud in which she shared some phenominal  music with us.  Originally from Hollywood, Florida Lonna relocated to New York City where she refined her craft as a Singer Songwriter.  She Sent us the Current songs off her new EP which was released back in October 2014, of those 3 Songs We Chose to Play "Tonite's the Night" on Our Current

Skycast.   While we were reviewing videos for our Skycast Top Videos list we came across Lonna performing a live version of this song Live at Kulak's Woodshed.  Her Performance was nothing short of Phenominal.   We are indeed great Fans of Lonna Marie, and expect great things from here in the near future.  To find out more about Lonna just click on her picture and we'll take you to her.

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