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New Interview Series from Skycast "Artist Focus" Featuring Candid Interviews with your Favorite Indie Artists.  Our Featured Guest This Edition is London Based Singer Songwriter L. Perry


Introducing L. Perry Singer / Songwriter Extraordinare

London, UK — Singer, songwriter Levi Perry aka L- Perry has been making music for as long as she can remember.  Originally from Guildford, UK she currently resides in the thriving city of London where she is actively promoting her unique brand of Eclectic Easy Listening Music.

     The Story of L Perry has been one Hell of a journey, she was adopted by her parents quite late in life!  They would tell you she probably came out of the womb dancing and singing.               When she was of the age to go to school she began playing various instruments including the coronet and recorder.  She also sang in the Church and School choirs along with her music lessons. Levi (L) absolutely loved to dance and would eventually attend the Paris School of Dance to study ballet.  It is here where she earned her bronze and silver medals in ballet.                Though her main field of study was dance, she would continue to sing at every opportunity she would get regardless of the venue,  she knew she was truly in her element when she was singing.  As L Perry reached leaving school she still had the dream of becoming a singer in her heart, but with little funding or some kind of record deal her goals continued to be out of reach.  She got her first break when she was called back to audition and be recorded on one of the last episodes of the My Kind of People TV Talent Show in the UK.  She auditioned for a producer in Ash, a neighboring town, to record a cover to a song called raggedy doll, while this was not her type of music things were beginning to change for L Perry.  She decided to move to Norfolk where she met her first partner and they began recording songs together, they were also able to form a band and began gigging in the local venues.  She suffered some personal set backs and was forced to move back to her hometown for a while, but she never gave up her dream and continued to write an record.  Her Song called "If You Dream" which she wrote to raise the awareness of autism received a lot of local airplay.  Eventually her dream would lead her to London where she continues to pursue her musical journey.

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