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About Us

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Our Skycast Mission
Promoting Indie Music & Entertainment.

Skycast Indies.Com  is a growing community of independent music enthusiasts, including Artists, Producers, Promoters, and Executives from all over the world. You never know who your music is going to grab.  Face it, it's about getting Your Music out there and focusing on getting your Band Heard.  We Do this through promoting you on our Website, Radio Shows, Playlists and Social Media. We Promote The Indie Artists.


Getting to know Rod

Ron brought his good friend Rod onboard to help search the Internet Super Highway for their neverending quest for great indies music.  

Rods drive to find out about the artist behind the music made him a natural fit to Join Us here at  Rods destinctive style has made him "the voice"  on most of our show intros and PSA's  here at skycast.

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Getting to know
Ron aka Wordsmyth aka Wordsmyth was started by Ron, aka, "Wordsmyth."

Ron's passion for making music grew into a knack for finding and promoting Indie artists from all over the world.

"Music stirs emotions that cross all boundaries and really is the international language of our time." Ron recently said. 

As you know, there is no better way to share music than through a good old fashioned radio show and an ice cold beer.

Getting to know Asha

This is Asha, the latest addition to Skycast Indies.  Asha's background includes acting and voiceover work and has appeared in many popular Portland Area and regional shows, such as Grimm and Z Nation.  Asha will be sharing announcing duties with Rod and will also be Co-hosting our popular new show Skycast Urban Beatz with Ron aka Wordsmyth.

Getting to know Dr. Dave

David Wakeling is excited to be joining the Skycast team.  Abandoning early ambitions to be an astronaut, movie stuntman or professional wrestler, he settled on medicine as a career and attempts to stamp out disease in the Portland, OR area.  Music has always been his love however and he spends his free time writing and recording both full band and solo projects.  As an Indie artist he is looking forward to discovering new music locally and from around the world.

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Getting to know Matty Ice

Matt aka “Matty Ice” has been drinking, mostly responsibly, since the beginning of beer.  Matts a world traveler, a beer snob and people tend to like his witty personality. He hopes to bring some worldly knowledge and his humorous outlook to the beer world. His wacky personality will show you how to enjoy life and have a cold one no matter where you are.   As part of the Brue Crue, he hopes to make you smile and give you some beer knowledge along the way.

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